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May 02

The "Herb Hunters-2" Contest has kicked off!

Did you know that Siberian herbs may be a pass to the unforgettable trip to Altai? All it takes is just for you to join our creativity contest!

Take a quiz on the website, log in, write a short verse and take a chance to start an exciting trip to Altai among 10 lucky ones this summer!

Last year contest winners got an unrivaled experience: they took an herb hunting course, learned how to gather and ferment healing herbs, tasted Siberian herbal tea with honey and enjoyed the reserved sights of Siberia. Indeed, it was a superb vacation!

While this year our newly fledged naturalists will indulge
in even more exciting adventures and fascinating discoveries!
Follow the link, log in and get ready to become a true herb hunter!
Pack your bags to pick the herbs with Siberian Health!