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From a weight loss aid to liver problems, hormonal imbalances rectification, joint problems etc, green tea has evolved into a medicinal drink that caters to a myriad of illnesses. The reality is there are surprising benefits to reap from this magical drink in just one cup.

Siberian Health is here to offer this magical drink in seven different variants to tackle almost all the problems that are commonly faced by people now a days in form of Legendary Siberian Chai!

  • Khubad Sai: Carbo Blocker Herbal Tea also known as Diabetic Herbal Tea which has a sugar-reducing effect. It help in reduce blood sugar levels, serves as a natural sweetener, restoration of insulin activity, Cleanses the body of harmful carbohydrate products in the metabolism.
  • Sagaan Haraasgai: Female beauty tea with olkhon motherwort herb.
    It helps and normalizes hormonal balance in women, improves skin, hair, nervous system, and cardiovascular system, also normalizes menstrual cycle and eases menopause.
    St.Johns wort leaves have antibacterial effects contributing to averting inflammation to the female reproductive organs.
  • Uyan Nomo: Joints comfort tea with altay saberweed herb.
    The cleansing formula of Uyan Nomo Joints Comfort Tea helps normalize the water and mineral balance in the joints.
    Do you know what Altay saberweed is famous for?
    Every autumn after the first frost, Siberian women went to gather cranberries from marshes and swamps to provide their families with vitamins far the upcoming winter. Stranding in the frigid water, they often developed serious joints pain. The ancient remedy they have been using up until now is a small marsh herb, known as Altay saberweed.
  • Aminai Em: The "Pure Herbs of Olkhon" Tea Blends and Dietary Supplements .
    One of the Buryat names for St. John’s wort is Aminai Em and it means "Herb of Life." The Buryat people mostly use this plant to affect the liver and bile-excretion system, which is why this dietary supplement has the name Aminai Em.
  • Kuril Sail: The "Pure Herbs of Olkhon" Tea Blends and Dietary Supplements.
    Kuril tea is the Siberian name for a group of plants which also includes cinquefoil. The etymology of this name is connected to the fact that Russian sailors and fishermen who domesticated the Russian Far East, including the distant Kuril Islands, used to use the leaves and flowers of these plants which had a pleasant taste and fragrance rather than ordinary tea leaves. Eventually it turned out that this Kuril tea aided in normalizing digestion.
  • Shanga Zurhen: Сardio balance tea with altay ziziphora herb. Shanga Zurhen Cardio Balance Tea is developed in full conformity with the Tibetan principles of strenghthening and protecting the cardiovascular system. Do you know what Ziziphora is famous for?
    Coming home to their yurts and to a hot mug of Ziziphora tea with a pat of yak butter floating on top after a hand a day of wolf hunting on horseback with berkuts (the big Siberian eagles they hunt with) is an ancient tradition of Altay nomads. They believed that Ziziphora invigorates the heart and nourishes the blood.
  • Seber Nuur: Translated from the Buryat language, "Seber Nuur" means "crystal lake." Thus the Seber Nuur Cleansing Tea helps to maintain the internal purity of our body. It helps you detoxify and clean your body from within to maintain purity.

A cup of green tea a day, may actually keep the doctor away!

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