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September 01

"Your ticket to the world of large business" Promotion

Thanks to Siberian natural treasures & original scientific developments for last 20 years, we are developing health and beauty products! Hundreds & thousands of people around the world appreciate and choose Siberian Health for the quality, effectiveness and adherence to its own lifestyle.

Become а Company Consultant in September or October, 2016,
make first purchase for ₹6500 or more
and get bonuses!

• Bonuses for personal purchases – 25% (can be your net income!)
• Additional bonus certificate for ₹1625 for the purchase of Siberian Health products (Company support – bonus for a bold step!)

Beginning of the path in large business: 1st of September - 31st of October, 2016.
Who can be on the board: those who want to be successful, to increase their income and achieve financial freedom!
Requirements: desire to go forward and the willingness to change!
My next step:
• check in at the nearest Company Servicing Center
• take advantage of "Your ticket to the big business!" Promotion
What to expect:
• teamwork one of the 25 countries
• growing income within your leisure or working time
• Drive FREE Program bonuses

Detailed terms and conditions of the Promotion: (roll open)
1. The Promotion period: September 1 - October 31, 2016.
2. The Promotion participants: New Siberian Health Consultants, signed up the Agreement within Promotion period, including those who change their status from the Privileged Client for the first time.
3. The Promotion covers the first one-time purchase for the points made by Consultant within the registration day. Bonuses are not credited, upon purchasing merchandise and printed materials.
4. Bonuses for the purchase paid by Sponsor are not credited.
5. The calculation of the credited bonuses is carried out monthly, before the fifth day of the month following the promotion month.
6. Bonus certificate sum is fixed. A participant can get only one bonus certificate per month.
7. The bonus certificate can be used in the Company Service Center (CSC), to which the Consultant is attached, within the calendar month following the promotion month. The Bonus Certificate which are not used within a month will be annulled. If bonuses sum is not completely used, the remain sum will be annulled.
8. Bonus (points) for the purchase paid by bonus certificate are not credited.
9. Get more information about credited bonuses in the CSC or by calling: 011-29831656.