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Undoubtedly, in the process of evolution, man would not only find internal reserves for self-preservation, but would also use various natural plants and herbs with adaptogenic properties. Adaptogens are known to have been widely used in folk medicine in Siberia, China, Altai, Tibet, and other countries of South-East Asia. References to them can be found in the earliest treatises on traditional Tibetan and Indian medicine. The messages of ancient healers are as convincing as ever even in the modern scientific environment. There is a branch of medicine that studies adaptive capabilities of human beings to environmental conditions and develops various ways to increase these capabilities.


Life isn’t rigid. Everything is always changing, even if it isn’t noticeable: there is development, improvement and change…Permanent change became the foundation of evolution and allowed Mother Nature to breath life into the tiny one cell organism, which eventually developed into Homo sapiens who survived all earthy disasters. What lead human beings and all existence to preserve themselves on Earth? Perhaps the adaptation of living organisms to the permanently changing environment, the development of new qualities, permitting not only survival, but making progress and bringing up new generations. Therefore, adaptation is one of the fundamental and significant qualities of all living organisms on Earth.

Nowadays adaptation abilities become even more vital, because the speed of the scientific-technological progress increases several times every decade. In the middle of the previous century the possibility of space travel was still questionable and now the questions of life beyond Earth are being discussed. Every person has their own margin of safety, depending on their heredity and life conditions. Adaptation abilities are certain reserves which are constantly spent to maintain balance between the organism and the environment. Every year everyone’s life becomes more intense and hectic.

The unique property of adaptogens, which was discovered as far back as ancient times, consists of the fact that the scope of their influence on the body is very broad. The ultimate goals and results of their actions are the buildup of increased body resistance, irrespective of the existing harmful factors — physical, chemical, biological or social.

Sergei Nikolaevich Udintsev

With the joint efforts of Scientists specializing in various areas of medicine, the Research and Innovation Center of The Siberian Health Corporation actively develops and supports adaptive medicine, which addresses both the issues of quality of life in the modern world and longevity. One of the leading Scientists who have been studying the influence of adaptogens on human health for many years is Sergei N. Udintsev. M.D. Dr. Udintsev has been effectively working with the Corporation since its foundation. The developments brought about by this Scientist have no equivalents; his recipes and production technology based on herbal adaptogens are absolutely unique and protected by RF Patent No. 2125815 (invention priority as of July 8, 1997), and have been recognized by a number of national-level awards.

The adaptive capability of the human body represents one of its main properties that form the basis for human health. This basis defines how strong and beautiful the building constructed upon it will be. That is why the Siberian Health Corporation pays a lot of attention to the mainframe medical directions; one of each is no doubt adaptive medicine.