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# S40295     60 capsules    

A two-phase chronobiological complex of natural substances designed to support the normal metabolism of the nervous system.


A balanced chronobiological complex of biologically active substances participating in the functioning of the central nervous system. In particular it has been found that the intake of zinc and vitamin C supports the normal functioning of the nervous system as well as the brain.
Zinc, vitamins C and E and copper all help to protect our cells from oxidative stress.


The Morning Formula:
Soy lecithin,
Ascorbic acid,
Gotu kola extract,
Ginkgo biloba extract,
D-alpha tocopheryl succinate,
Zinc citrate,
Retinyl palmitate,
Manganese (as manganese sulfate,)
Copper (as copper l-lysine chelate),
Selenium (as sodium selenite),

The Evening Formula:
Hawthorn extract,
St. John’s Wort
Skullcap root extract

  • Certificate AKTIZELLE II