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SynchroVitals IV - Liver Support Supplement

# 500130     60 capsules    

SynchroVitals IV - is a new 2-phase chronobiological complex designed to comprehensively support liver health and many life processes, in which the liver plays several important roles. The morning formula - the ActiFazeTM complex – provides a patented combination of herbal ingredients used to support and protect the liver from environmental stresses. The evening formula - the RestFazeTM complex – contains the bile-flow stimulating herbs and one of the crucial bile ingredients – the amino acid taurine.


Take one (1) capsule of the Morning Formula each morning, take one (1) capsule of the Evening Formula each evening with food or water.

Morning formula:
gotu cola extract, milk thistle extract, artichoke leaves extract, devil’s claw extract

Evening formula:
baikal skullcap extract, st. John’s wort extract