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Elemvitals. Zinc with siberian herbs

# 500040     60 capsules    
Supplement with zinc, copper, vitamin C and plant extracts


Contains organic Zinc in
the form of natural organic
acid chelates and a potent
Echinacea extract. Among
other powerful botanical
immune boosters there are
also Siberian Rose Hips and
Siberian Burdock, as well as
Acerola which is very rich in
natural Vitamin C.

Contains organic Zinc inthe form of natural organicacid chelates and a potentEchinacea extract. Amongother powerful botanicalimmune boosters there arealso Siberian Rose Hips andSiberian Burdock, as well asAcerola which is very rich innatural Vitamin C.


Recommended use

Take one (1) capsule daily with food or water.

zinc (as orotate, lactate and citrate), copper (as citrate), echinacea standardized extract, proprietary herbal blend (extracts of acerola, Siberian burdock and Siberian rose hips)