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Siberian Pure Herbs Collection

Extra rich massage balsam / Universal balm

# 401806     250 ml / 8.3 fl oz    

Balm helps to comforting various malaise feelings, removes fatigue after physical exercises, power-lifting and supercooling. Rich mix of medical plants extracts and fir essential oil have determined warming and relaxing influence. Balm includes several rare Baikal herbs, giving it special power. Has a wide range of effects: aromatherapy, warming, energizing. This balm has wonderful aroma of siberian taiga transforming any place to oasis of wild nature.

Recommended use

Massage a small amount of the balsam onto desired areas in circular motion until completely absorbed.

We recommend to test cosmetic product on bend of the arm prior to use – possible skin reaction can be determined by individual intolerance to the product ingredients.

fir oil, eucalyptus essential oil, pine turpentine, Saint-John wort extract, thyme extract, polypore extract, oak bark extract, peony extract, coltsfoot extract, nettle extract, hop extract, bergenia extract, saltwort extract, white sweet clover extract, angelica extract, bloodroot

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