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Siberian Herbs in Honey

Siberian Herb and Berry Extracts in Honey The Green Label Blend

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Bee honey is one the most ancient foods and may be even the most ancient. Throughout human history we probably know of no another example where any of the products derived from it are so unconditionally accepted by all people all over the world. There is probably no other product which contains such a diverse variety of highly concentrated biologically active substances.
As modern chemical studies show, bee honey contain over 30 chemical elements, over 10 different vitamins, several types of ferments, hundreds of alkaloids, phytoncides (botanical antibiotics), glycosides, essential oils and many other biologically active substances from very different plants.
In creating the herbs in honey series Siberian Health specialists chose a comprehensive approach combining bee honey with the natural extracts of specially selected plants with wholesome properties. And therefore the honey is enriched with the new botanical elements that the flower nectar lacks, however the extracts of plant roots, leaves, buds and fruits included in the herbal honey series happen to be rich in those very elements.


In Siberia, people preserve lingo berries in very large quantities as a great source of vitamins and also as a popular product to support the normal functioning of the kidneys. For a long term preservation Lingonberries can be preserved by freezing, crushing or mixing them with honey. Honey neutralizes the acidity of the berries and provides you with not only a healthful, but also a delicious and flavorful product.


Natural honey; Birch tree bud extract ; Liquorice root extract ; Hops extract ; Lingonberry extract; Peppermint leaves extract

10 g obsahuje:
Bílkoviny: 0,8 g
Brusinka (Vaccinium vitis-idaea) extrakt z plodů: 1 g
Bříza bělokorá (Betula pendula Roth) extr.z listů: 1 g
Chmel šištice (Humulus lupulus) extrakt: 1 g
Dvouzubec trojdílný (Bidens tripartita) extr.-nať: 0,8 g
Lékořice (Glycyrrhiza glabra) extrakt kořene: 1 g
Máta peprná (Mentha piperita) extrakt z listů: 0,8 g
Med přírodní: 4,4 g
Sacharidy: 80,3 g

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