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Siberian Herbs in Honey

Melliflora Yellow

# 400524     200 g    
Siberian berry and herb extracts with honey

If you strip fresh rose hip fruits of their seeds, crush them and mix them with honey you will have a wonderful source of natural vitamin C that you can use throughout the entire winter to maintain well-being. Our ancestors in cold and snowy Siberia knew and used this recipe in olden days. This aromatic and wholesome product also helped them to support the liver's functions since they had to eat a lot of fatty foods during the winter. What makes this blend special is, besides the rose hip aromatic chamomile, gold immortelle has been added to its formula.


10 g obsahuje:
Heřmánek (Chamomilla recutita) extrakt z natě: 1 g
Kukuřice-blizny (Zea mays) extrakt: 1,2 g
Máta peprná (Mentha piperita) extrakt z listů: 1,2 g
Med přírodní: 4,4 g
Smil písečný (Helichrysum arenarium) extr.z květu: 1 g
Šípek (Rosa canina) extrakt z plodů: 1,2 g

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