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Siberian Herbs in Honey

Siberian Herb and Berry Extracts in Honey The Red Label Blend

# 400454     200 g    

Incredibly delicious, fragrant and very healthy for the heart, hawthorn berries are difficult to keep fresh. From time immemorial the Siberian people have found a way to preserve fresh hawthorn berries in honey. Fresh lingonberries and marigold increase the wholesome effects of hawthorn as well as infuse this blend with a delicate woody fragrance.


Natural honey; Hawthorn berries; Rose hip extract; Peppermint extract; Marigold flower extract ; Lingonberry extract; Birch tree leaf extract

2,5 g obsahuje:
Brusinka (Vaccinium vitis-idaea L.) koncentrát: 0,45 g
Bříza bělokorá (Betula pendula) extrakt z listů: 0,3 g
Hloh (Crataegus laevigata) extrakt z plodů: 0,05 g
Máta peprná (Mentha piperita) extrakt z listů: 0,3 g
Med přírodní: 1,1 g
Měsíček lékařský (Calendula officinalis) extr.: 0,3 g

  • Certificate of safety