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High Efficiency    Healthy Heart    Healthy Stomach    Healthy Liver    Flexible Joints    Sharp Vision    Longlasting Youth    Women's Health    Slim figure
Chromium Picolinate And Bitter Melon
Food supplementwith organic chrome, katechin and phenol
Price: 1 500,00 ₹
L-carnitine and Siberian Ginseng
A dietary supplement with vitamin C, L-Carnitine, green tea and eleuthero extracts
Price: 1 520,00 ₹
Adaptovit     B. Active series     Chronolong    ElemVitals    Renew Cleance Triple Set     SynchroVitals    Trimegavitals    Legendary Siberian Tea    Siberian propolis
Chromium Picolinate And Bitter Melon
Food supplementwith organic chrome, katechin and phenol
Price: 1 500,00 ₹
Chronolong    Siberian Rose    Siberian Pure Herbs Collection    Gheser     Phytomedica
Price: 330,00 ₹
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General Rules of Order Shipping

Customers can place an order via e-mail, telephone or in person at the Customer Service Center.

You can view the range of products available through the printed catalog or through on-line version on our website.


When ordering by mail or phone:

Step 1: The customer can place order by email or on telephone and communicate what he/she want to receive indicating following data:

  • 1) The unique ID number of Consultant or Preferred Customer (if already part of the team of Siberian Health).
  • 2) The exact delivery address (including zip code) and phone number of the recipient (For communication with the customer).
  • 3) The amount of the product with your name, corresponding code (according to the price list India) and number of desired units.
  • 4) Indication of promotional products if you want to take advantage of promotions. If any of the products ordered is on promotion, it is necessary to underline, current information on developments of the Company is available on our website.
  • 5) The conditions of use of the points you have - how many points available to use for the partial payment of the product (maximum points pay 65% of the total amount of the invoice).

Step 2: When the customer invoice is prepared as per his/her order (via email or phone), the total price of the invoice and our bank details are confirmed once again.

Important: After payment is made, the order is considered confirmed and no changes in invoices are accepted. If payment is not received by the company within 10 days or until the end of the calendar month, order stand canceled.


Step 3: After payment confirmation order is prepared and sent to the address provided.

Contact details for ordering

Phone: +91 01129831656, 01129831655

Company bears 1-2% of total order placed as the courier charges, the difference if any after that is to be paid by the customer (Retail customer, privileged clients or consultants).

Please, before sending the order check the conditions that exist in your destination country (IF outside India) in reference to the customs clearance of goods from India and intended for individuals, and inform us of these conditions at the time of ordering.

In person

In the case of direct purchase from Service Center Customer unique ID number is to be indicated. Purchasing and getting point adjustment on behalf of someone else, requires authorization from the concerned person. Payment can be made by cash or bank.
Also, if a client wishes to get an order delivered, it is mandatory to specify the complete destination address with zip code and phone number of the recipient.

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Whom to register the order for

You can place an order under several contracts. The order will be shipped to the address indicated and the points will be credited to the specified contracts.

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