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Privacy Statement


"Corporation Siberian Health" (hereinafter - the Company, "we") has developed this Privacy Statement to make you familiar with the methods of collecting information, its use and distribution.

This Privacy Statement applies to information obtained via this website, mobile sites, applications, widgets and other interactive tools used in which there is a link to this Privacy Policy (hereinafter - the "Site"). If this document is not stated otherwise, the effect of this Privacy Statement does not apply to information collected by the Company through other sources, in particular, received not through network shares.

If you contact the company to become a consultant or privilege client, in addition to the general conditions of this Privacy Statement you will need to study the section "Cooperation Standards of  Company"  which contains important information about the additional requirements for confidentiality that will apply to you.

Passing authorization procedure or registration at site as a Consultant or Privilege Client, you consent to the collection, recording, systematization, accumulation, storage, clarification (update, modification), extraction, use, transfer to third parties (distribution, provision of access), depersonalization, blocking, deletion of your personal data to operator LLC "Siberian health Corporation"



"Personal data" - this information to identify you. By personal data includes, in particular:

1) the surname, first name, your postal address, number of the main document proving your identity, the date of issue of the document, and the issuing authority;

2) the surname, first name, address of your representative, the number of the main document proving his identity, the date of issue of the document, and the issuing authority, the power of attorney or other details of the document confirming the authority of the representative (in obtaining your consent);

Furthermore, for purposes of personal data processing company can request additional information, namely, a particular mobile telephone number, email address, date of birth, sex.

The purpose of processing personal data is to comply with the commitments listed in the "User Agreement" Standards of cooperation of the Company, as well as "distance selling conditions."

We obtain your personal data when you decide to participate in our offers and programs or provide it to us directly in other ways, such as when you register in our system, purchase products, using interactive means or otherwise interact with us through the Site.



We may use your personal data:

• for the purpose for which you provided it to us, in particular, to ensure that we can respond to your requests, to process and fulfill the requests;

• In order to enable us to send you information regarding our cooperation and our joint transactions;

• to notify you by mail and e-mail, telephone or SMS about the Company's products, services, programs and offers that may interest you;

• to take into account is your preference, in particular by providing information about products or special offers that are designed for you;

• that you have the ability to use the Site and to communicate with other users through the Site;

• for our internal purposes, including data analysis, audits, developing new products, improving the operation of the site, the expansion of services to identify sales trends and determining the effectiveness of promotional campaigns;

• to allow your participation in promotions, competitions and other similar events and manage them (some of these activities have additional rules that provide additional information on the use and disclosure of your personal information, we recommend that you get acquainted with these rules carefully);

• to carry out your orders or otherwise ensure the provision of products and services to you, for example, to make payments, deliver orders, to communicate with you regarding your purchase and provide appropriate customer service; and

• to enable you to send emails to other people using the functions send messages or cards, on the site. (By using these features, you agree that you are entitled to use and provide us with the name and e-mail address of your friend for these purposes. Information about each other will be used only to send the message and will not be stored in our databases).



We may disclose your personal information:

• Affiliated companies, ie companies to a group of persons of the Corporation "Siberian Health" includes the following entities:

• «Sibvaleo Trade" Ltd. for distance selling through Internet shop "conditions of remote sales" (LINK).

• "AI Consult" - for storage and automatic processing of personal data.

This company is the operator of the personal data and is responsible for the sharing of personal data;

• third parties that provide the Company and affiliated companies mentioned above, such services, such as website hosting, data analysis, settlement and cash services, orders, shipping, infrastructure provision, IT services, customer service, e-mail services, operations credit cards, auditing, training, etc. (So ​​to third parties your personal information or access to it for the purpose of providing the above services to us or on our behalf will be provided), including, but not limited to some companies.

• Consultant to be selected as a mentor / leader structure (more on the concept of mentor can be found in the "Standards Cooperation" and "Terms of Service - Links) to the extent where it is needed, so that they can contact you, fulfill your orders and provide services to you, if a privacy mode is selected in accordance with section 11 of this document about confidentiality;

• if we believe that it is necessary or appropriate: (a) in accordance with applicable law, including laws in force outside your country of residence; (B) in execution of the judgment; (C) for the performance of public bodies, including those located outside your country of residence; (D) to comply with the rules of our cooperation; (E) to protect our operations or activities of our affiliates; (F) for the protection of rights, confidential information, security and property of the Company, as well as our affiliates, you or others; and (g) for the implementation of our right to use the available remedies or that would be able to reduce possible losses.



Getting non-personal information. By "non-personal information" is any information that does not allow you to identify, in particular:

• Information about the browser;

• Information obtained through, the cookies have, pixel tags and other technologies;

• demographic data and other information provided by you or by our consultants;

• aggregate data.


The Company and third party service providers may not receive personal information of various kinds. For example, we can learn:

• Type your computer (Windows or Macintosh), screen resolution, operating system version, version of the Internet browser;

• demographic information, which includes your location, education, profession, age, gender, as well as other information, such as your hobbies and professional interests when you voluntarily provide it to us. No association with Personal Information, this information does not identify you or others.


Aggregate data. We can combine the personal data so that using the combined information will be impossible to identify you or any other person, for example, when the personal information is used to calculate the percentage of customers in a particular region. In some instances, we may combine personal and non-personal information (eg, information about your name and geographical location). The information combining personal and not personal data would apply the rules of use of Personal Information.

The use and disclosure of non-personal information. Because with the help of non-personal information we cannot identify you, we can get it, use or disclose for any purpose.



Cookies: The Company and third party service providers may use the Website cookies. Cookies allow a web server to transfer data to a computer for storage and other purposes. We use cookies and other technologies, in particular, to ensure a higher level of service, to provide more complete information, provide you with the opportunity to constantly use the Site. Our service providers are also allowed to use cookies on our site. If you do not need the information obtained with the help of cookies, you can refuse the use of cookies - a standard feature, which is in almost all browsers. You can get more information about cookies at the following site, not connected with the Company:

Pixel tags and other technologies: Clear the GIF-files - a small image with a unique name for the function is a lot like cookies. However, unlike, the cookies have, which are stored on the hard drive of your computer, transparent GIF files are hidden tools and embedded in web pages. We can use the Site clear the GIF-files (also known as Web beacons, bugs tracking and pixel tags), among other things, to track visitor activity on the Site and to compile statistics about the use of the Site and the response speed. The Company and third party service providers may also use transparent GIF files to emails in HTML format to keep track of the frequency of responses to determine the success of marketing campaigns and to know when to view and send our emails.

Site Analytics: The company can work with third-party service providers who use the techniques described in this section for site analytics, tracking and understanding the principles of the use of visitors to the site. For example, Google company providing web analytics services, helps us to improve the functioning of the site and interact with users. You can get more information and to read the privacy policy applied by Google for its decisions, as well as on how to quit using it, in the section on Google's privacy - = in

Widgets,  applications,  and other means. If you decide to use, we provide technologies (such as widgets), any Private or personal information obtained through such technologies could become public, for example, through social networks, websites and other platforms on which you can activate the relevant facility. In addition, some technologies may have the property of "viral" transferred to other platforms (for example, your friend or your customer can host on your blog widget that contains your information). The Company is not responsible for the collection, use, or dissemination of personal information and (or) other information that becomes public.

Next the cookie is essential for the functioning of our website.

File name of the cookie Appointment

Cart-content in this cookie file contains information about the visitor's shopping basket

The following cookie files are not necessary for the operation of our website and are mainly used to provide, maintain and improve our services. None of the cookie we do not put on your device without your permission.

File name of the cookie Appointment

Language stores information about the language used for the default user in this cookie file

POLL_LV_ID_ * This cookie is marked that the user has already participated in the survey

QUESTIONNAIRE_LV_ID * This cookie is marked that the user has already filled out the questionnaire

sibvaleo_language_code This cookie file contains information about the user's preferred country

preview_permission_profile * This cookie file contains information about the user profile parameters used by default


Methods for determining the IP-addresses

«IP-address" on your computer - a number that is automatically assigned to your computer by your ISP (ISP).

IP-address can automatically be determined and recorded in the server log when a user visits the Site; In addition, recorded the visit and the pages you visit. Defining the IP-addresses - a standard practice, which is automatically carried out on many websites.

Terms of Use and disclosure of IP-addresses

We may use IP-addresses to determine statistics regarding use of the Site, diagnose server problems, detecting fraud, administer the site, and other purposes. We may also use IP-addresses and report them to third parties for any purpose for which is used and distributed Personal Information. Please note that we consider the IP-addresses, server log and associated data is non-personal information in all cases, unless otherwise provided for in the current legislation.



Special features of our site allows you to interact with us and other users. Communication is carried out through blogs, forums, private messaging, chat rooms, and a specially created community. When you use these means of communication, remember that the information you provide, including your name, location and email address, may be available to other users. We are not responsible for information posted by means of interactive communication, and strongly recommend to communicate the importance of personal information (such as information about your health budget or credit card). If you use these means of communication, your Personal Information may remain on the Site even after you left it , so we advice you to be cautious.



We take all reasonable organizational, technical and administrative measures to protect the personal information under our control. Unfortunately, it is impossible to guarantee absolute safety when transferring data over the Internet and storing them in the system. If you have reason to believe that your interaction with us was unsafe (for example, you suspect that the security of your account in our system is compromised), please immediately notify us of the problem at the address listed under "Contact details" .

Right of choice

If you want to opt out of receiving marketing information about offers and (or) the Company's advertising campaigns, send us a notice to the address listed under "Contact details". We will try to respond quickly to any of your queries.



You can edit the Personal and other data in the Dashboard Online Store or in the section «Back-office» private company site.

Deleting your personal data may occur with the simultaneous termination of cooperation with the Company, as the Company is unable to perform obligations under the "user agreement" Cooperation Standards and conditions of remote sales. " If you despite that want to refuse to cooperate with the company - you can send an appropriate notification in free form to the address listed on the page "Contact data" with the obligatory indication of the number of the Consultant Agreement or personal card number Preferred Customer. Your request will be processed within 5 working days, after which we will delete all your personal data except in the cases provided for law.



We will keep your Personal Information for the period necessary to achieve the objectives set out in this Statement of Privacy if the law provides for a long period of storage.

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